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As easy as walking – Click the 7 for a seven step guide to providing affordable homes in rural Lincolnshire.

Why Living Lincolnshire?

Living Lincolnshire's aim is:

To improve the quantity and quality of rural affordable housing in a cost effective manner, contributing to the creation and maintenance of sustainable rural communities, by organizations working together co-operatively.

In so doing it responds to one of the major problems facing rural Lincolnshire, a lack of good quality affordable housing.

For many people who live and work in rural Lincolnshire this basic need is not being met.  It is a problem that affects young people and couples just starting out on life,  families who have outgrown their home or need somewhere more permanent to live and older residents whose home is now too big for them to manage.  Too often they are left in unsuitable housing, some will be forced to move away and at its most extreme these people will become homeless.

As a result our communities suffer.  These people are the lifeblood of villages, providing support for family and friends through childcare or helping an older relative or neighbour remain in their own home. Their locality allows them to work in local businesses, serving in shops, the pub and volunteering for other unpaid services. Indeed they are the social network that keep villages alive.

Some facts:

On average a household in the lowest quartile income band would need to spend:

  • eight times their income to buy a home at the lowest quartile of the market
  • 42% of their weekly income renting a home from a private landlord, if they did not receive housing benefit.

There are 2,603 households on four of the councils' waiting lists seeking a rural home.

There is a calculated need for 865 new affordable homes per year in Lincolnshire's rural communities.

In 2010-2011 122 new affordable homes were built in Lincolnshire's villages of less than 3,000 population.

Behind these statistics are individual's lives.  Their experiences are illustrated in the case studies.

What is Living Lincolnshire
We are a partnership of all those organisations that have a role to play in building homes that people who live and work in rural communities can afford to rent, or to buy.  Its members are the District Councils and County Council, three housing associations and Community Lincs.  Working together we provide support to communities, helpful planning advice and policies and secure the money to build the affordable homes.

How we work
Through the way we work we aim to offer a high quality consistent service that provides advice and a helping hand through what can initially seem to be a complex process.  We offer support from the start when the first interest in having some affordable homes is expressed, to when the residents move into their new homes.  This process is set out in our ‘Seven Step Guide'.
We aim to provide our advice in clearly understood wording with any acronyms used being fully listed immediately after its initial use.

You are our key partners
Of course,  we can only achieve our objective by working with you and to do this effectively we need to hear from you.  So if you have a question, would like to offer some feedback or would like to talk to someone about rural affordable housing please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.  Together we can provide the affordable homes needed in our villages.



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